Livestock Carcass Burial Assistance

Meade County Commission
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Sturgis, SD 57785
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For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 10, 2013

CONTACT: Jerry Derr at 605-720-1625

Blizzard Disaster
Livestock Carcass Burial Assistance

Sturgis, SD - The Board of Meade County Commissioners has authorized the expenditure of $100,000 to assist with livestock carcass burial throughout Meade County.

Meade County is currently negotiating with contractors to assist with removing livestock carcasses from Meade County right-of-ways as well as the construction of mass burial pits for carcass disposal. Meade County will not remove any carcasses from county right-of-ways without first identifying the livestock owner and verifying that the owner has made third-party verification to document the losses.

Meade County is seeking potential landowners who are willing to allow construction of mass burial pits wherein the county may dispose of carcasses collected in county right-of-ways. Additionally, Meade County is seeking any landowners who are willing to allow fellow Meade County producers to dispose of their carcasses at these mass burial locations.

The financial assistance offered is not paid directly to the producer, but to contracted services to assist with this objective.

If a Meade County livestock producer is in need of assistance related to livestock carcass burial, please contact the Meade County Commission Office at 605-720-1625.