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GIS, Geographic Information Systems, is a technology in which data in the form of points, lines, and polygons are connected to databases providing information about a geographical area. GIS is a digital map containing several layers of data, each layer containing specific information within the digital map. Parcels, flood data, and street centerlines are a few examples of map layers.  MeadeGeo is Meade County's Interactive Map Site that contains relevant GIS data.

DISCLAIMER:  Meade County, SD, provides the GIS information and data as a public service.  The online map does not represent a plat or survey.  It is for reference only.  No liability, either expressed or implied, for the accuracy of the data delineated herein is assumed by Meade County, SD.  The GIS map data is provided for reference purposes only and may not be distributed without prior signed authorization from the Meade County GIS Office of Meade County, South Dakota.  Meade County updates the data periodically.  To ensure you have the most current information, contact the Meade County Equalization and Planning Department.  Meade County is not responsible for any website downtime.  The map and data available on the interactive website are provided "as is" without any warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness, or completeness.  By acceptance of this data, the user agrees to all terms and conditions of this data and will not convey or sell the data or any part of it to a third party.

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