Citizen Requested to Serve on the Meade County Weed and Pest Board

Citizen Requested to Serve on the Meade County Weed and Pest Board

Meade County is accepting applications from individuals who are interested in serving on the Meade County Weed and Pest Board.

  • One (1) Opening 
  • Appointment is for a Three (3) Year Term  
  • Appointment will be effective February 2018
  • Residents of Unit 2 (see attached map) are eligible to apply
  • Compensation: $100 per meeting plus mileage reimbursement

Purpose:  The Meade County Weed and Pest Board is responsible for the implementation of an integrated management plan for invasive species throughout the County.

Scope of Work:  The duties of the Meade County Weed and Pest Board are to control the spread of invasive species on County Right-of-Ways and to assist private landowners and major stakeholders with proper management techniques and strategies. 

The Weed and Pest Board manages staff/budget (cooperative effort with county commission) to implement the County program and coordinates activities with local / state / federal agencies.

Individuals who want to be considered for an appointment are asked to fill out a Citizen Interest Application (click link) form and submit same to the Meade County Board of Commissioners, 1300 Sherman Street, STE 212, Sturgis, SD 57785.  Citizen Interest Application available via Human Resource Office.

All applications must be received by 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 9, 2018. 

Contact: Jerry W. Derr, HR Director @ 605.720.1625 /

Seeking Applicants from Unit Area 2

Seeking Applicants from Unit Area 2

Notes from Commissioner Robert Heidgerken

Commissioner Robert Heidgerken 

Commissioner Robert Heidgerken 

Our first regular meeting of 2018 was held on January 10th.  The first order of business was to seat a chairman.  Galen Niederwerder was elected chairman.  Ted Seaman was elected vice-chairman.  The salary for commissioners will remain the same as last year, with no increase.    

One noticeable change; the 4H office was moved to the old Register of Deed's Office at the Courthouse. Jenny Voigt, 4-H Youth Program Advisor, also now has a part-time assistant in her office.  They are looking forward to an active year in 4H.  

The official newspapers for Meade County will be the Faith Independent and the Black Hills Pioneer.  The Black Hills Pioneer is also the official paper of Lawrence County.  They will have a reporter at every commission meeting and we are looking forward to their reports.

We will be taking applications for district 2 seat on the Weed and Pest  Board.  This is the area South of 34 in the South East 1/3 of the county.  Please apply to our HR office. 

There is a scheduling conflict with the City of Sturgis (community center) for the June 5th  primary election.   Please keep informed because polling places may change.  The City of Sturgis is working to resolve the issue.

The role of the County Commission in the formation of a new fire and ambulance district is procedural only.  Our job is to ensure all the rules are followed.  It is up to the residents of the proposed area to participate in the formation. 


Rober Heidgerken


Notes from Commissioner Ted Seaman


We held our final commission meeting of the year on December 20th, 2017.  This meeting signaled the closeout of our 2017 fiscal year with the Commission approving all final departmental expenditures and supplementing some county budgets which fell short of operating funds. 

With 2018 just around the corner, we have already started discussions on the 2019 county budget.  We asked all department heads to review current operations within their respective offices for potential cost savings measures and share their findings during our second meeting in January.  

Our highway superintendent advised we crushed $125,000 worth of gravel for county road projects in 2017.  The original 2017 gravel crushing budget was $750,000.  In January we will discuss implementing some funding resolutions which could allocate specific funds for capital outlay projects.  This action should allow the highway department to pursue an aggressive gravel crushing operation via our contractor. 

We reviewed a variance request on a 25 acre parcel as the property owner wanted exemption from our plating requirements under Ordinance 20.  This variance request had previously been denied by the County Planning Board and we affirmed their decision.  

In other permitting matters; we approved a final plat in the Vickerman Subdivision with the requirement that the owner improve public access and work with the highway department on an approach permit.  Too, we approved a final plat in the McEwen Subdivision which splits several tracts into smaller acreages. 

We approved a final map for ambulance service response areas throughout the County.  Affected ambulance services agreed to these new response zones in an effort to improve services to our local communities. 

We take great pride in honoring our local veterans who have served this nation.  This month we recognized Mrs. Sharon R. Jenkins of Summerset as our Veteran of the Month.  Mrs. Jenkins entered the United States Navy in 1958 and was honorably discharged in 1961.  We typically hold this veteran acknowledgment during the second meeting of each month at 1:00 pm.  

Sheriff Ron Merwin was on hand to open bids for patrol vehicles.  The award went to Scott Peterson Motors of Belle Fourche.  The Sheriff’s Office will receive two new Dodge Ram trucks and one Dodge Durango to add to their patrol fleet. 

Our next meeting will be January 10, 2018.  Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! 


Ted Seaman, Commissioner 






Notes from Commissioner Linda Rausch


The Meade County Commission met in regular session on Wednesday, December 13.  

The Commission received updates regarding status of the departments of the appointed officials.  One item of note is that the 4-H office will be relocating from the Erskine building to the Court House.  This move is expected early next year.

Representatives of the ambulance districts presented their new response map.  This is the one attached to the petition to form the Sturgis Ambulance District.  The new Sturgis Fire District was also discussed.  The Commission directed the Auditor to absorb the costs of the fire and ambulance elections to the extent that we are allowed to by State statute.  The total cost of both elections is less than $20,000.  The Commission has supported the idea of forming taxing districts for these essential services, so it only seemed right that the County would support the election financially.

A purchase agreement from the city of Summerset to purchase some county owned lots within the city was discussed.  The agreement was sent back for some rework, but we expect to approve this purchase by Summerset. This should get rid of some county maintenance responsibilities and allow the Summerset to develop the area and return 2 or 3 lots to the tax paying role.

Chairman Niederwerder presented a resolution to look for ways to reduce county spending by $1.5 million for the 2019 budget.  The intent was to set a target for reduction so that the increasing cost of health care and the need to do some road projects could be funded.  After much discussion, the resolution failed on a 3 to 2 vote.

Bids were submitted for the Elk Vale Road paving project.  There were 7 bids submitted.  All bids met the criteria established by the engineering specifications and the engineering estimate.  The low bidder at $2,177,175.91 was Foothills Contracting from Webster, SD.  That was at 54% of the engineering estimate.  The bid was accepted and the work awarded to Foothills.

We approved supplements to the 2017 budget for $183,750.  These were mostly for expenditures that exceeded the estimate in the budget.  Most were related to judicial system expenditures.  The Judge decides and the County has to pay.  We do our best to estimate, but sometimes we are short and need to supplement.  We also needed to supplement for some additional computer equipment which we approved, but hoped to cover in the budget.

We approved the Veteran’s property tax exemptions, vacated a plat of an old cemetery which is empty, and agreed to pay the Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs for the Rural Meade County Ambulance Service. 

We approved the renewal of the Pappy Hoel Campground liquor license.  This was deferred to get additional information on traffic safety.  A representative from the SD Department of Transportation updated us on the discussions and plans to date.  They plan to use temporary signals for the 2018 Rally and will continue to study to see if permanent turn lanes should be installed.

Lastly, we discussed the County Burn Ban.  Normally, we would rescind it at this time of year, but with no snow cover, we decided to leave it in place.


Linda Rausch, Commissioner District 3