SDCL 7-18A-1. Definition of terms. Terms used in this chapter, unless the context plainly requires otherwise, shall mean:

(1) "Board," a board of county commissioners;

(2) "Ordinance," a permanent legislative act of a board of county commissioners passed within the limits of its powers;

(3) "Publish," publication in the official county newspapers;

(4) "Resolution," any determination, decision, or direction of a board of county commissioners of a special or temporary character, made for the purpose of initiating, effecting, or carrying out its administrative duties and functions.

7-18A-2. Authority to enact, amend, and repeal ordinances and resolutions--Penalties for violation. Each county may enact, amend, and repeal such ordinances and resolutions as may be proper and necessary to carry into effect the powers granted to it by law and provide for the enforcement of each violation of any ordinance by means of any or all of the following:

(1) A fine not to exceed the fine established by subdivision 22-6-2(2) for each violation, or by imprisonment for a period not to exceed thirty days for each violation, or by both the fine and imprisonment; or

(2) An action for civil injunctive relief, pursuant to chapter 21-8.

For updated fees, refer to Resolution No. 2018 -1.10.18 : A Resolution to Modify Set Fees Referenced Within Meade County Ordinances 

Ordinance #01:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #02:  Regulation, Control, & Licensing of Domestic Animals

Ordinance #03:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #04:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #05:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #06:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #07:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #08:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #09:  Regulations for Flood Damage Prevention

Ordinance #10:  Meade County Roads, Streets, and Highway Systems

Ordinance #11:  Licensing and Regulating Peddlers, Merchants, Solicitors, Professionals, Businesses,

and Trades Operating Outside the Boundaries of an Incorporated Municipality

Ordinance #12:  Establishment and Operation of 911 System

Ordinance #13:  NOT ACTIVE 

Ordinance #14:  Establishment of Five Commissioner Districts & Manner in Which Commissioners are Elected

Ordinance #15:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #16:  Regulations Governing Building in the Tailings Area of Whitewood Creek

Ordinance #17:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #18:  NOT ACTIVE 

Ordinance #19:  NOT ACTIVE 

Ordinance #20:  Regulations for the Subdivision of Land, Development, and Improvements

Ordinance #21:  Temporary Campgrounds

Ordinance #22:  NOT ACTIVE  

Ordinance #23:  Posting of Assigned House Numbers

Ordinance #24:  Placement of Signs and Billboards

Ordinance #25:  Adult-Oriented Businesses

Ordinance #26:  NOT ACTIVE

Ordinance #27:  Regulations for Fireworks, Campfires, and Other Incendiary Devices

Ordinance #28:  Prohibition of the Operation of Off-Road Vehicles in Certain Defined Highway Ditches

Ordinance #29:  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Ordinance #30:  Licensing and Regulation of Pawn Brokers

Ordinance #31:  Communication Towers

Ordinance #32:  Wind Generator

Ordinance #33:  Wastewater Treatment and Water Systems

Ordinance #34:  Building Code and Construction Enforcement

Ordinance #35:  Natural Resource Pipelines

Ordinance #51:  Wheel Tax

Ordinance #52: Storm Water Management and Water Quality