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In 1948, President Truman established the Office of Civil Defense Planning, which was to prepare the population for a military or nuclear attack.  The State of South Dakota legislature in 1949 drafted SDCL 33, which formed the Civil Defense organization in the state and the requirements for local offices for each county.  During the Kennedy Administration Meade County had an active Civil Defense Program.  Presentations in schools prepared children in Meade County to react to a nuclear attack.  In 1979, President Carter established the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The agency was assigned responsibility for all aspects of the Civil Defense program.  It was also tasked with coordinating disaster relief to include natural disasters.  Since the events of 9/11, Emergency Management is also responsible for terrorism preparedness and Homeland Security Grants.

Mission of Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a comprehensive and integrated approach for managing local hazards through preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.  Activities include planning, training, and exercises, to protect residents and property from the effects of an emergency or disaster.

The Meade County Office of Emergency Management assists county agencies and departments in coping with emergencies, disasters, and terrorist threats.  The office must satisfy the requirements mandated by the county, state, and federal governments pertaining to emergency and terrorism preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation programs.

The county office serves as a resource for local municipalities, residents, and businesses within the county for information and/or assistance.  The county office is a liaison between the local municipalities within the county and the state level.  The county office works in cooperation with the state, local municipalities, and surrounding jurisdictions to ensure compliance and the safety of the residents of Meade County.

Public education is an activity of the Office of Emergency Management.  Meade County Emergency Management is available to provide print material, presentations, or assistance to the public.