Rally Information

Forms & Documents

  • Application for Vendor License (ONLINE | PDF)

  • Application for Transient Vendor HOST License (PDF)

  • Application for Vendor Refund (PDF)


  • Meade County Campground Map (PDF)


The following County Ordinances are relevant to the Rally:

  • Ordinance #11: Licensing and Regulating Peddlers, Merchants, Solicitors, Professionals, Businesses, and Trades Operating Outside the Boundaries of an Incorporated Municipality

  • Ordinance #21: Temporary Campgrounds

  • Ordinance #27: Regulations for Fireworks, Campfires, and Other Incendiary Devices

Click here (Ordinances) for Meade County's Ordinance Page.




What is a Transient Vendor?

A transient vendor is any person who sells goods or services from a temporary location in Meade County.  You are a transient vendor if you are conducting business from a place that is not your permanent place of business. 

Do I need a license?

Yes.  If you are a transient vendor, you need a license.  Even if you are exempt from paying the license fee, you must obtain a license.  The only exception is a person who sells agricultural products grown by that person or his family in Meade County.

What kind of license do I need?

If you operate a temporary business selling goods or services, for present or future delivery, or are a permanent business operating away from the usual place of business, during an event of 5 or more days, you must obtain a Temporary Vendor’s Permit.  

If you are the host of property allowing vendors to occupy space to sell their goods or services, for present or future delivery, you must obtain a Vendor Host License.

What do I need to do to get a license?

For a Transient Vendor,  you must fill out the Application for Transient Vendor License.  YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR SOUTH DAKOTA SALES TAX ID NUMBER.  You must also provide the location where you intend to conduct your temporary business.  For a Host License, you must fill out an application for a Transient Vendor Host License.  YOU MUST INCLUDE A DRAWING OF YOUR PROPERTY AND THE LOCATION OF VENDING STALLS.

Mail your Application for  Transient Vendor License / Application for Transient Vendor Host License to:

Meade County Equalization and Planning
1300 Sherman Street, Suite 222
Sturgis, SD  57785

Does each tattoo artist need his or her own license?

If the tattoo artist is an independent contractor, each artist needs his/her own license.

What is the $100.00 tattoo inspection fee?

The State of South Dakota Health Department must inspect all tattoo artists prior to tattooing.  Meade County collects the $100.00 inspection fee on behalf of the State.

What if I sell more than one type of merchandise?

Only one license is needed, regardless of the types of merchandise.  However, vendors selling from multiple locations must obtain a separate permit for each location.

What if I sell my goods/services from a vehicle or on foot?

Peddlers are considered transient vendors and must be licensed.  The license must be displayed on your vehicle to make it as easily seen as possible.

What if I want to sell during the Rally and before/after the Rally?

If you conduct a temporary business in Meade County outside the August 1-15 window, you need a Class B license, even if you have a Class A license.

Does Meade County accept credit cards/personal checks/business checks?

Yes, Meade County does accept credit cards and debit cards.  Service fees will apply.  Personal and business checks will be accepted IF received at least 30 days prior to event.  Cashier's checks and money orders are also accepted. 

Are there any exemptions from the license fee?

Yes.  Non profits are exempt from all license fees upon a showing of valid, current evidence of non-profit status.  Meade County residents are exempt from the Class B license fee.