Notes from Commissioner Robert Heidgerken - District 5

We met on a very windy Wednesday.  There were three commissioners present, so we had a quorum.  

We had a lengthy discussion about the roads in Meade County with both the superintendent and his assistant. We have budgeted $7,149,984.00 for the Highway Department this year. The county maintains  958.84 miles of road.   As weather permits, the Highway Department will be graveling a record number of roads this year.  

The Elk Vale, Elk Creek road project has a projected cost of $6,585,733.11 for the dirt work alone.  The state will pay $7,000,000.  This leaves most of the paving and one bridge for the county to fund   which would total about $3,500,000.  We did not make any decisions as to what to do. 

We approved work to be done on Butte Drive which will be done by the property owners pending approval of the State Historical Preservation.  This road lies within the preservation boundary around Bear Butte.  

The Unified Justice System has offered us 16 rotary file cabinets that we could use in the jail.  The installation will involve renovating a courtroom and the jail’s receiving area so this project will have to be included in next year’s budget. 

Mr. Ballard requested preliminary approval of  “Lot 1”,  a 50 acre lot of the Full Throttle Saloon  Subdivision which is currently part of the property owned by the Original Spoke LLC.  Bill Rich, our Deputy Planning Director, stated they had met all requirements of our ordinances and Ken Chleborad, Deputy State Attorney, stated there were no objections to the plot.  A motion to approve was made and seconded.  Motion passed.  

By Commissioner Robert Heidgerken