Notes from Commissioner Ted Seaman

The Meade County Commission met in regular session on Wednesday, July 26. We were greeted by a group of Fort Meade Way residents who came to discuss safety and speeding issues on the Fort Meade Way road. We Made a speed limit change, and will also post no passing sings on the entire road, and eliminate jake-braking on the south portion of the road. We would respectfully ask people driving on Fort Meade Way to follow the guidelines to ensure safety for vehicles and residents alike.

Our next Item of discussion was the New Underwood Road, which needs several million dollars of repairs. Due to budget restraints, we have put that project on hold for now. We had a lengthy meeting, spending the bulk of our time coming up with a balanced provisional budged which was passed by days end.

We were honored to recognize our Meade County Veteran of the month; Mr. Ralph E Besler, who had a distinguished military career, serving in both the Navy and the US Air Force. Finally, We approved a transfer of license for Peaceful Pines Casino Inc., approved a preliminary plat of lots 1-8 of Avalanche Subdivision and approved an abatement request.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on August 2nd.


Ted Seaman
District 4