Public Comments - Meade County STIP Projects

Meade County STIP Plan:

Date:         March 12, 2014

 Time:        10AM 

Location:  Meade County Commission Meeting Room (Erskine) 


  • Annual review of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan.  Opportunity to modify Meade County's portion.


Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

STIP = Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (5 year plan of all state and local DOT projects)

STP  = Surface Transportation Program:

  • Federal funds allocated for use on Federal Assist Routes
  • Most major routes in Meade County qualify
  • $400,000 to $500,00 annually
  • Funds can be allowed to build for large projects
  • If project exceeds funds currently available, it may be possible to expend a limited amount of future available funds
  • SD DOT currently provides a match equal to 18.05 % of the federal funds

The Elk Vale/Elk Creek project is currently scheduled for the grading and interim surfacing to be done in 2015 and the pavement application in 2016.  There is a possible wetland that has been identified which could cause a short delay due to some additional hoops to jump through.  I have asked for an update on this project to include current estimates, funding available, etc.  I expect to have the update soon and will share it when available.
Due to the lack of increase in federal bridge funding, uncertain future funding, the increased cost of bridge replacement, and the backlog of bridges within the program (through 2026) they are not placing bridges into the program at this time. 

The majority of the funding for the STP program comes from a Federal Highway funding bill which is set to expire early this fall.  All funding for, and timing of, the SD STP projects are based on an assumption the “Bill” will be extended, or a new bill with similar funding will replace the existing one. This continued funding is necessary for our Elk Vale/Elk Creek project and our programmed bridge replacements.

 Gravel Roads with High Traffic Counts

High Meadows
Chimney Canyon Road
Pleasant Valley Dr.
Bear Butte Road
Elk Vale Rd.
Dyess Avenue
Antelope Creek Rd. North of 225th St.
150th Avenue
Mountain Shadow
Lofty Pines at Erickson Ranch Road

Paved Roads with High Traffic Counts

Avalanche Road
Quaal Road

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