Notes from Commissioner Bob Bertolotto - District 2

One highlight of the November 24 meeting was the opening of bids for the Fort Meade Way connector road. There were 9 bids submitted with the lowest bid going to Zanstra Construction of Rapid City.  Based on our engineer's estimates - the bid of $1,278,354 was less than half of the expected amount.

At our commission meeting of December 9, we approved all actions relating to transfers and renewals of liquor licenses - except for Glencoe Management LLC - which was deferred to the December 23 meeting.  This action was taken to allow time for the applicant to provide accurate information as to the ownership status of the property, as an apparent sale is pending.  Additionally, there are current county ordinance violations at the property along with previous concerns regarding nudity, point of liquor sales, damming the creek and garbage disposal. 

The County holds a liquor license and we are researching the best process to make it available to the public.  Auditor, Lisa Schieffer and Chief Deputy State’s Attorney, Ken Chleborad will be providing some options at our December 23 meeting. 

Mr. Cody Ford was honored as our Veteran of the Month.  A Marine, Mr. Ford served from 2005-2015 before joining the SD Highway Patrol.  Mr. Ford enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005 as an Aviation Life Support Equipment Technician and completed basic training at San Diego, CA and then continued to advanced individual training at Camp Pendleton, CA.  Mr. Ford was deployed to Al Asad Airbase, Iraq in 2006, 2007, & 2008. In 2009 he had served in Bagram, Afghanistan and again in 2012. Mr. Ford finished out his time in the military in North Carolina where he separated in 2015. Thanks you again Mr. Ford for your service.

Meade Highway Superintendent Lincoln Shuck and Assistant Highway Superintendent Scott Tegethoff informed the Commission they have been busy graveling and blading roads throughout the County.  The pipe/culverts for Fort Meade Way have been ordered by the contractor.

I proposed supplementing the 2016 budget for Sturgis Economic Development Corp. in the amount of $25,000. This hearing will be held on January 5 at 1:00 PM. 

Earlier this month I held a surplus land auction for the County (I was lowest bidder for these services) which did pretty well, considering some of the tax deed titles were “clouded” due to prior liens and ownership records.  Habitat For Humanity bought a residential lot in Sturgis and several lots in Summerset.  We wish them the best on their upcoming projects. 

During our last meeting, the residents of Lincoln Tarken road requested a name change to Pineslope Lane which was approved by the Commission. 

Bailly Enright opened Sage Brush Salon in Faith in December.   The Board of Meade County Commissioners established the Meade County Economic Development Loan Fund in 2012.  Today, the total loan fund value is over $140,000.  We are pleased that these loan funds were able to assist Bailly in her business venture.  These revolved loan funds are available to private businesses – both large and small – to stimulate economic development growth in Meade County.  

For more information on the loan fund or the application process, contact Pat Kurtenbach, SEDC, at 605-347-4906 or

As we approach 2016, all of as at the Meade County Commission want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bob Bertolotto
Meade County Commissioner - District 2