Notes from the County Commission

by Galen Niederwerder, District 1 Commissioner

The Meade County Commission met in regular session Wednesday, February 24th in what was a pretty routine meeting.

I don’t know if you’ve been to a Commission meeting lately, but we always begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and then one of the Commissioners says a prayer.  Bob Heidgerken led us this time with a heartfelt prayer.  It’s a great way to start, and Bob did a great job.

The county received no bids for the liquor license that’s available, so the Commission set the first-come first-served price at $225,000.  

County Highway Superintendent Lincoln Shuck brought right-of-way agreements for what the Commission calls the Elks Project (the rebuilding of parts of Elk Creek Road and Elk Vale Road) which were approved.  

The Commission approved the purchase of the property located at 1333 Willard Street, which is located just south of the Erskine Building and west of the old elementary school, for future expansion.  We discussed declaring the house on the property as surplus, and plan to auction it off at the county/school surplus auction in May.

And, believe it or not, we lowered some fees the county charges.  Mainly the fee for the Mobile Home Building Permit, but some others as well.  Thanks  to Bill Rich for his work on that.

At Commissioner Heidgerken’s request, we had lunch at the chinese food place which is right next door to Dick & Jane’s Naughty Spot.  We made sure not to linger on the combined porch too long on our way in and out, lest someone should happen by with a cell phone. (Hmmm, I’ll bet nobody can tell you the name of the place, but I’ll also bet everybody sure knows how to find it.)  Bob really likes chinese food, and has been suggesting the place for years, but we never had the guts to go before.

Another vacancy has opened up on the Metropolitan Planning Committee.  Commissioners Aker and Heidgerken will be talking to potential replacements; if you live in the MPO area and are interested in serving on this committee, please contact one of them.

Well, that’s about all there was.  If you’re in Sturgis for lunch or dinner sometime, try the chinese food place.  I had the sweet and sour chicken, it was really good.  Whatever the name of the establishment is.  (I think if I owned it, I’d just change the name of it to The Chinese Food Place Right Next to Dick & Jane’s.)

God Bless Meade County.