Veteran of the Month - December 2016


Mr. Darrel Barry: Union Center, SD 

Marine Service years: 1951-1954

Mr. Barry’s grandfather homesteaded near Union Center, SD.  Mr. Barry attended rural schools and graduated from New Underwood High School with a class of sixteen - to include 8 boys and 8 girls.  

After high school, he worked for Gossard Dirt Work running large equipment.  Knowing the draft notice was coming; he enlisted in the Marines. While at Boot Camp, the Army attempted to draft him - though all too late. 

He was sent to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow in California.  Back then, they had to take a train to their training sites.  After Boot Camp, he went to 29 Palms to continue with his heavy equipment experience and training where he was part of building the rifle ranges.  Interestingly enough; years later his son was able to train on these same ranges. 

Mr. Barry was eventually ship bound for Japan and Korea.  During part of this time, he worked on a crane slinging mail. This duty had previously caused issues for others assigned this task, but not for him.  Other duty assignments included being a prison guard at a high security prison.  

Following military service, he returned back to the family ranch. During this time, he unknowingly met his future bride to be.  He loved apple pie and she was the one that keep making them. Years later while Mr. Barry was working at the Sturgis Sale Barn, they reconnected and married in 1957.  

Eventually, he moved the family home to continue to work the family ranch. He too worked for Western Cattle Company, various ranches, drove truck, worked at the county highway shop and was a brand inspector. At the age of 84 he was finally told to retire. 

Mr. Barry and Viola have 6 children, 15 grandchildren, and 4 great grand children. Mr. Barry's hobbies and loves include horses, trail rides, rodeo, and most important is spending time with his family.