Notes from Commissioner Ted Seaman

On Wednesday, February 22, the Meade County Commission held the 2nd meeting of February 2017.  Four commissioners were present with commissioner Galen Niederwerder absent due to an illness. The agenda was light, so it was a fairly short meeting.  

After waiting several years, the Black Hawk Sidewalk Project was finally approved by the the SD Department of Transportation.  The County Highway Superintendent also informed the Commission that the Wyrich Bridge over Bear Butte Creek is ready to be replaced and work should begin this year. 

Mr. Terry Corkins was awarded Meade County Veteran of the Month and several of his friends and fellow veterans came to support and applaud him for his accomplishments.  

Once again, the Elkview Campground transfer of a malt beverage license was deferred. A variance for a large on premise sign for Rushmore Equipment was denied by the Commission.