Notes from Commissioner Linda Rausch


The second meeting in April for the Meade County Commissioners was held on April 26.  This was in addition to the two days that the Commission met as the County Board of Equalization to act on tax appeals.

Public Safety

The Commission discussed plans to protect public safety if demonstrations arise due to any potential Keystone Pipeline activity within the county.  Better to make a plan that you may not have to use, than to not have a plan if you need one.  The current state law requires the County to spend $4,500,000 before we are eligible to receive state or federal assistance.  This would be a large burden on the County as it represents about 25% of our annual budget.  We agreed to work with our state legislators and the Association of County Commissioners to see if we can change the law to preclude us from expendingthat total amount.  No pipeline construction is expected until late 2018, maybe later; so we have time to make the plan and look for help.


We approved the sale of the only surplus liquor license in the County.  Meade County will receive $225,000 for this license which was issued to the new owners of the Elk View Campground at exit 37.

We received $170,000 for a perpetual cell phone tower easement on the County highway shop property.  These one time sources of revenue will be helpful as we plan for capital improvements and potential spending on public safety.

The County received a $21,000 rebate on our Workers’ Compensation Insurance due to the excellent safety record and lack of claims from our employees.  This money was applied to the self-insurance fund to keep health insurance costs for employees as low as possible.

Veteran of the Month 

Mr. Brad Johnson was honored as our Veteran of the Month. Retired in 2016, Chief Master Sergeant Bradley J. Johnson was the Superintendent of the Office of Inspector General, 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth AFB.  He has deployed in support of Operations Southern / Northern Watch and Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.  


A group of non-profit organizations asked permission to develop a plan for the potential use of the old elementary school building for their needs.  The Commission grated them access to the facility and welcomed any plans that they may develop that are a win for them and the citizens of Meade County.


A discussion was held on making Chaffee Place into a private road.  Action was deferred until additional information on the legal ramifications could be obtained.

We continue to have issues with the gravel roads which become soft and slippery when we get moisture.  The Highway Superintendent will request additional Highway Patrol enforcement on trucks that may be exceeding weight limits.  They make our road situation worse.  We also reviewed the mag water plan for this year, which we will do after the spring rains stop.

Finally, we approved some plats and adjourned for the day.