Notes from Commissioner Ted Seaman


The Meade County Commission met Wednesday, March 28th in regular session. 

The SD Department of Legislative Audit was present to go over their audit findings of the County’s 2015/2016 financial statements.  There were no deficiencies noted in internal control which are described as material weaknesses or significant deficiencies.  However, some audit findings were discussed at length, and it’s worth noting that we were not in agreement with some of the rulings the State has implemented. 

We were pleased to be introduced to three new employees in the State’s Attorney’s Office, one in the Facilities Department and our new Emergency Manager/Veteran Service Officer.  We are fortunate to have so many good people working for Meade County. 

Mr. William Atyeo was recognized as our Veteran of the Month.  Mr. Atyeo was accompanied by his wife and many fellow veterans who were there to applaud his great service to our country. 

On other agenda items - we set a public hearing on a request to improve a section line and we approved the transfer of the Shade Valley alcohol licenses. 

At 1:15 pm, we had a public hearing for the 1st reading of proposed changes to Ordinance 20, which regulates the subdivision of land, development and improvements. The Commission approved the motion to accept the proposed changes and set the 2nd reading for April 25th at 1:15 pm. 

Our Commission Office compiled a list of our county owned properties. We were able to get a good overview of the properties and had some discussion on which properties might be dispensable.  I want to thank Jerry and Jordan for all the work they put in so we could have that information available to us. 

We spent a couple of hours in Executive Session on legal issues and personnel, and concluded our meeting around 5:00 pm.


Ted Seaman, Commissioner

District 4