Weed and Pest Board Minutes of January 20, 2017

Weed and Pest Board Minutes for 01-20-2017

Members Present: Jim Schroeder, Robert Heidgerken, Kenny Lee, Allen Olson, Dave                                   Fischbach

Members Absent: none

Others Present: Supervisor Nathan Jagim

Meeting called to order at 3:00pm by Chairman Lee. 

Minutes of October 18, 2016 meeting approved as presented.


  • WEED BOARD APPOINTMENTS – Board appointments for 2017 will be the same as current members upon reappointment of Kenny Lee by the Meade Co. Board of Commissioners. 

Chairman - Kenny Lee

Vice Chairman – Allen Olson

Secretary – Dave Fischbach

               Motion by Schroeder, 2nd by Heidgerken to cast unanimous ballot.  Motion carries.

  • WEED & PEST MEETING BOARD MEETINGS – Meeting dates for 2017 were set as follows: Tuesday April 18th, Tuesday July 18th, and Tuesday October 17th.
  • PRAIRIE DOG – Jagim reported on ongoing prairie dog poisoning.  Much discussion on PDs and landowners.  Jagim will begin the documentation process and prepare enforcement letters if necessary to send such letters. 


  • KPI’s – Jagim reviewed KPI’s with the Board and answered questions regarding the budget.
  • CONSERVATION LEADERS – Cons. Leaders meeting will be in Custer on Friday January 27th.  Mountain Pine Beetle and invasive species will be part of the discussion.  Jagim will attend.
  • ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Annual Conference will be held in Huron on February 22-24.  Jagim and Zuercher will attend since two county representatives are required to attend to be eligible for State grants.
  • ROW TREE REMOVAL – Jagim and Zuercher will be assisting the Hwy. Dept. with tree and shrub removal along the county roads.  They will be starting on Vanocker Road. 
  • BLM RAC – Jagim received a letter informing him that he has been appointed to the BLM Resource Advisory Committee.  He will serve a three year term.
  • USFS AGREEMENT – Jagim signed the Annual Agreement with the BHNF to treat invasive species for approximately $25,000.   

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April, 18th 2017. 

Meeting adjourned @ 4:10 PM.


Dave Fischbach